Fill your Spot

What We Do for You

When working with employers in regards to their staffing needs we use a 6 Step Process to ensure that they receive the right candidate for their position.

  1. Needs Analysis

    Our initial contact includes a detailed position evaluation to ensure quality service.

  2. Search

    We use a variety of resources to find the best candidate for your company. We will do this by searching through our current candidates and referrals and by recruiting people that are currently in the market or recent college graduates.

  3. Candidate Qualifications

    Candidates are carefully screened through face-to-face interviews, proficiency testing at all levels, reference checks and team evaluation before the finalists are presented to you.

  4. Client Interviews

    Interview preparation, scheduling, detailed follow-up and candidate analysis are just a few of the benefits we provide.

  5. Final Analysis & Notification

    We will thoroughly discuss the finalist with you, conduct additional research if necessary, and assist in salary negotiation.

  6. Quality Control

    During the first year of employment, a formal quality control program monitors the integrity of the placement.

We have hundreds of satisfied clients who have taken advantage of our guaranteed services. Wouldn't you like to be one?