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You can also see what our candidates have to say about us with their testimonials.

I have worked with Sylvia Lincoln from The Linde Group for over ten years when we have had the need to add office staff to our company. Sylvia, as well as other counselors that I have come in contact with, have always been professional, prompt and honest when referring candidates to me. Their pre-screening and testing have been most impressive and helpful.

During our association, we have hired personnel for a variety of positions, including receptionists, customer service reps and administrative assistants, the majority of whom are still with us, - a testimony to The Linde Group, as well as our own company. They have become my first source when seeking quality personnel, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to another company. 

Martha D.
Vice President, Sales Administration

I have had a great experience working with The Linde Group, Inc. Your support, availability and professional assistance have been outstanding. I have relied upon you for honest and candid feedback. I have never been disappointed in your responses and insight.

Our company will be well served to continue their working relationship with you and The Linde Group in the future. 

Donald G.
Customer Service Manager

The relationship we have with Mrs. Judy Becker is the best I've come across in my 17 years of working for this particular Commercial Real Estate company. If on the very odd occasion Judy has been unable to supply an appropriate candidate, Judy has been very honest about it rather than sending over an unqualified candidate - this has saved me time and money and I have a great deal of trust for Judy and her team. I have also recommended The Linde Group to other Real Estate Companies and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who uses recruitment agencies. The last employee placed has been with us for at least three years and we are happy with the placement. It is a smooth transition as compared to the advertising and interviewing routine involved in self hiring.

I have also found The Linde Group to be competitively priced, which is an important factor in the corporate market. 

Elisa M.
Vice President

I have personally worked with Judy Becker at The Linde Group for permanent placement openings since I joined my firm in 1992. Judy has always been very courteous and helpful in our search for the perfect employee. The candidates she presents are all qualified and suitable for the position we have available. While trying to fill an open position is never a fun task, Judy is a pleasure to work with and she makes the job easier for me. 

Johnna F.

The Linde Group invests the time to learn about their clients' business needs and preferences. Syl Lincoln takes the extra step necessary in truly minimizing the amount of time it takes to find the right candidate. Because of our partnership with The Linde Group we are able to place quality individuals who quickly learn their new position and find job satisfaction with our company. A true win win partnership. 

Lisa P.
Office Manager

Judy Becker and The Linde Group have always come through for our company when we've needed quality people. We've hired a number of team members using Judy Becker and The Linde Group over the years and will continue to do so as the need arises. They always seem to find quality candidates for us to interview and to select from. I recommend Judy Becker and The Linde Group highly. 

Ed D.
Vice President of Sales

Judy Becker is always my first choice when I'm looking for a new hire. Her personal service is outstanding and she is always able to provide the guidance I need. She has a keen sense of exactly what I'm looking for in a candidate. In fact, my top performer was hired through Judy! 

Lori W.
HR Manager

The service we have received from The Linde Group has been impeccable. Our consultant, Syl Lincoln, takes the time to find just the right fit for the company to satisfy our needs. Their services are invaluable and will be used for future placements. 

Debra H.

I have been working with Judy Becker of The Linde Group for over 13 years. I have the utmost confidence in Judy's abilities to supply my Company with the best possible candidate. I have always been pleased. The thing I like the most about Judy is she knows exactly the type of candidate I am looking for and wouldn't waste either of our time sending a candidate that fell short of my expectations.  

Jacklyn O.
Vice President of Human Resources

Judy Becker and The Linde Group have taken the time to get to know me as a manager and our company. Judy does an amazing job sending the candidates that are the best fit for my team and the open position. As a result I save time by interviewing only the most qualified candidates. With the help of Judy and The Linde Group we have experienced a high success rate with long term employees. 

Ned K.
Billing Manager

I have worked with Judy Becker and The Linde Group off and on for the last 10 years. Of all the companies that call me on a weekly basis I have been most impressed with The Linde Group. Judy researches all of her candidates and works with quality people. Judy is extremely in tune with the needs of her candidates and potential employer's needs. She has an excellent knack for sizing people up, Judy uses that ability to match candidate personalities and qualifications to the employer's needs and personality. Judy and The Linde Group stand behind their placements 100%. I currently have two excellent employees which I obtained through The Linde Group, if the need arises I would use The Linde Group again and again.  

Gretchen K.
Office Manager

We have been working with Judy Becker of The Linde Group to supplement our direct hiring efforts for 15 plus years. Throughout that time she has provided us with many pre-screened quality applicants that fit our needs. In addition to general office staff she has also conducted successful searches for people with skills specific to our industry. Judy always deals in an upfront and professional manner and her length of service in the industry gives her a leg up on her competition. We continue to use her as she performs and treats us like a top customer regardless of the length of time between assignments. 

Richard R.
Executive Vice President of Finance and Admin.

Our company has worked with The Linde Group, in particular, directly with Judy Becker for a number of years. It's always a pleasure to work with Judy in filling our staffing needs. Judy is a true professional and above all friend. Judy knows the types of candidates we are searching for on various levels, i.e., experience, knowledge, automation capabilities, ethics. She refers candidates that match the required skills and also our agency culture. Judy makes several contacts after the hire to verify how the candidate is performing. Judy's objective is to satisfy the needs of both the candidate and the potential employer. 

Peggy K.
Commercial Lines Supervisor

The Linde Group, and specifically Sylvia Lincoln, has provided us with several outstanding employees over the years. Our requirements have been for people with varying skill and experience levels and The Linde Group has been able offer candidates that match up well against those requirements. They guarantee their candidates and stand behind that guarantee without fail. We are very pleased with The Linde Group. 

Keith K.

The Linde Group has been instrumental in assisting our company with placement services and process improvement suggestions. As my business continues to grow, The Linde Group's insight and guidance have been most helpful. I highly recommend their services. 

Laura A.
Chief Administrative Officer

The Linde Group, Inc. chooses not to disclose client information on these testimonials, but will be happy to provide reference information if you are interested in using our services.